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Welcome to Computer Wizard!

We created this website in order to provide information to those who wish to find out more about what we do and what services we can offer.

Our mission is to provide fast, professional, and reliable computer solutions for personal computers; and, tech support solutions for small businesses at an affordable cost.

We have been in business since 2005 and now we have over 1,600 satisfied clients! Quality of service is our main priority. Attesting to that, we have won multiple service awards and we have a complaint free record.

We offer both on-site and in-shop services for:

  • General computer repairs
  • Networking
  • Virus clean ups and removal
  • Speeding up computers
  • Data recovery, back up; and
  • other computer repair/maintenance services.

Computer Wizard Indianapolis on Fox 59

On Jul 22, 2012 we had a second short clip featuring Computer Wizard aired on Fox 59. We had another one air on Sep 1, 2011.

Fox 59 found our website informative and used us as the source of information for their reports.

You can see the clips by clicking on the thumbnails on the right.

Computer Maintenance Tips

On our website, you will find treasures of free articles that will help you keep your computer running better. We are proactive in helping you keep your computer and personal information safe. By posting weekly articles with useful money saving tips and solutions for frustrating computer related problems, we aim to make your computing experience pleasant. You can sign up for the feed for the new articles by clicking the icon in the RSS feed section on the right.

Recent Articles

We have posted a lot of articles on this website that help people keep their computers running better, keep them clean of infections and other troubles. We believe in taking proactive actions and in the importance of educating computer users. We usually take up one subject a week. Here’s the list of our recent articles (newest on the top):

  • Powerliks: A new type of virus

    I just finished a several hours “battle” with a computer that had the above virus. It is a new type of virus and it has not been detected by any antivirus I have used in the past. This article is written here for more advanced users to describe how to recognize this kind of infection and how to remove it. Read More…

  • What are “Cookies”?

    There’s considerable amount of false and alarming data is in circulation on this subject.¬† They originate from¬† the early times of the World Wide Web when it was a hot topic and a lot of personal opinions got mixed up with facts.

    Read More…

  • Useful Free Software

    The Internet is an amazing resource, not just of information, but useful and free software. I have been using quite a few of these and find new ones from time to time. So here’s my pick of the best free software:

    Read More…

  • Computer Buying Tips for the 2014 Holiday Season

    I’ve written a similar article a couple of years ago which was received well. Since then many new gadgets and technologies came out which necessitates a review of the information.

    Read More…

  • What Exactly Is a Backup?

    Recently, I’ve been urging my clients to make sure that their files are backed up because of a recently spreading infection that leads to data loss. From some of the responses I got, I had to realize that there are confusions about backups. So this article is an attempt to de-mistify backups. Read More…

Please feel free to look around on our website. You can use the search feature on the right side to quickly locate what you are looking for.

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